Winning Solutions

We are delighted to announce that DSIT will fund the development four solutions to address bias and discrimination in higher education, healthcare, finance and recruitment. Winners will each receive up to £130,000 to develop their solutions.

The Open University will develop a solution to improve the fairness of AI systems in higher education. The project will create a Responsible AI framework to support universities in the UK and worldwide to create similar systems in-house.  

The Alan Turing Institute will create a fairness toolkit for SMEs and developers to self-assess and monitor fairness in Large Language Models (LLMs) used in the financial sector. 

King’s College London will design a solution to address bias and discrimination in healthcare. The project will mitigate bias in early warning systems used to predict cardiac arrest in hospital wards, based on the CogStack Foresight model. 

Coefficient Systems Ltd.’s solution will focus on reducing bias in automated CV screening algorithms that are often used in the recruitment sector but can have biased outcomes.